George is an interesting book

I urge you to go take a look

It’s a different view

On a trip to the zoo

That a trans kid and her best friend took


Here Be Dragons

You know that YA novel that I’ve always wished to write?

Well, I put my pen to paper and I started it last night

There are teenagers and dragons and some social commentary

I confess that this whole process feels like fifteen kinds of scary

But it’s fun and it’s exciting and I’m feeling energized

Though I hear the Doubting Demons who would cut me down to size

(I’ll just turn off my hearing aids and tell them I can’t hear

When you want to be creative, you can’t listen to the fear)

So when I hit that writer’s block that makes me lose some heart

I hope that you’ll remind me of how good it felt to start

Bleeding Heart Blues

My anxiety is through the roof

Every day I see more proof

That all of my values are under attack

And I know that the pendulum always swings back

But with every day bringing a brand new disaster

I wish that the pendulum swung a bit faster

OK, Amazon

OK, Amazon

You win

I tried to boycott you

For #grabyourwallet

For brick-and-mortar stores

For the way to treat your employees

For having too much power

But you know what?

Life is hard enough already

And there are bigger fights to fight

So send me some Dr. Bronner’s toothpaste

And don’t forget the free shipping

Chopping Onions, Chopping Wood

Before male feminists were cool

They were driving kids to school

Back when it was Women’s Lib

There were there beside the crib

Chopping onions, chopping wood

Cut a new path where they could

Changing diapers, changing tires

Making lunches, making fires

I think they were pretty rad

Fellows who were like my dad


Hey, you, there out on the net

Have you figured out the answers yet?

How to make self-confidence your flag

But never stoop to humble-brag?

To not go down without a fight

But know that you’re not always right?

To know how much to give away

How much to save for rainy days?

To see injustice that exists

But not spend your life always pissed?

To love your country coast to coast

But change the things that need it most?

If you can live this through and through

I think I might vote for you