Auld Lang Syne

My brother’s making cookies,

my mom is reading briefs.

Threes and nines are wild;

it’s a quiet New Year’s Eve.

Nan might just be bluffing,

 but there’s no way to deduce,

’til her hearing aids start screeching

’cause they’re running out of juice. 

She’s off to get some batteries,

and forgets to close her cards.

Sure enough, it’s there to see

a nice straight flush of hearts. 


Not quite two decades later, 

we’re on the other Coast,

and Nan’s no longer here

 to win the hand or make the toast. 

My brother still makes cookies,

and Mom still reads her briefs,

with threes and nines still wild, 

it’s a quiet New Year’s Eve. 

Mom says I have her mother’s 

curiosity and grace,

and some of her bone structure

in the shaping of my face. 

As I adjust my hearing aids

once more this New Year’s Eve,

on balance, it’s a legacy

I’m happy to receive.

The possibilities are endless 

before Dad deals the cards:

might get a pair of sevens

or a nice straight flush of hearts.

We make our resolutions

to be disciplined and good,

and hope the New Year brings us

what we’d hoped the last year would. 

Will I one day be a parent?

Will it be twenty eighteen? 

What legacy would I pass on 

in nurture or in genes?

As as we move to midnight

and the meeting of our fears, 

I wish that Nan were here

to guide me through the coming years.




One thought on “Auld Lang Syne”

  1. Wow! Emily, I am impressed. I love this one and all the other ones I have read so far. You are quite talented. I knew it but it’s nice to see my belief as you demonstrate it on the written page. Thanks, for giving me the link and also thank you for my card. Very sweet. Have a Happy New Year and I’ll see you in 2018.


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